Our new eBook: Get the Most Out of Your User Session Recordings

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New E-book: user session recordings

Today – we are happy to announce our first eBook: Get the Most Out of Your User Session Recordings: 10 questions every product manager should ask

The way users experience your product can mean the difference between high and steady retention, improvement in conversion rates and eventually your financial bottom line. It can be the key to your product growth.

Yet, many product managers fail to put the right emphasis on tracking and analyzing the actual experience their users go through.

Sure, looking at your analytics can reveal a lot of interesting data on how your users behave, but relying solely on quantitative data leaves you with a pretty big blind spot on how they actually experience your product.

Leveraging user session recording to grow your product

Usability tests, watching users sessions recordings and user interviews are mostly  great methods to use to really get to know your users and their actual behaviour. However, many product managers stop using them as their product begins to scale.

The two main reasons most product managers and UX experts don’t leverage the full power and benefits of user session recording are:

  1. Not knowing what they should be looking for in the recording, or simply not asking the right questions.
  2. Not having the right set of tools to analyze the recordings in an effective and efficient manner.

While we’ve been working hard on building a product that will help you maximize your value from your user’s sessions recording, we wrote this eBook to help with the other reason – asking the right questions.

We’ve written the eBook, compiled of 10 questions you should ask yourself when watching your users’ session recording, in order to improve your product’s performance and get more users to use and love your product.

The eBook

So without further adieu, here’s Get the Most Out of Your User Session Recordings. It’s 100% free for you to download. We have only one request from you:

We wrote this eBook and are giving it away for free so we can help as many product managers and UX experts as we can reach.

If you find this eBook useful, please share it with as many people you can think it can bring value to.

Download the eBook here

You can easily share it to Twitter with one click:

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We hope you enjoy the eBook.

Download our free Ebook

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