A Complete Guide: What is a Buyer Persona and How to Create One

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A Complete Guide- What is a Buyer Persona and How to Create One

Let’s be honest – do you ever feel like your marketing efforts are not paying off? That you’re putting all your efforts on selling a product that nobody is buying?  Feeling like your audience is non-responsive to every move you make to the point you’re worried your product just might not cut it? These problems may feel deflating or even devastating, but the good news is that they’re not necessarily a sign that there’s a problem with you or your business. Instead, it’s more likely the fact that you haven’t … Read More

31 Product Managers Every Product Manager Should Follow

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Product Managers you should follow

Product managers are the people who shape and drive the product vision forward, but in a world of buzzwords and marketing slang Sometimes it seems that Growth Hackers and Conversion Rate experts get all the attention and glory for a product’s growth. Just search Google for “growth hackers to follow” or “CRO experts to follow” and then do the same for “product managers to follow” and you’ll see the difference.

Why Everybody on Your Team Should Watch Your User’s Session Recordings

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Tony Hsieh, founder and CEO of Zappos once said: “We believe that customer service shouldn’t be just a department; it should be the entire company.” Tony’s Zappos is one the biggest poster brands for putting the customer experience, service and support at the top of their value hierarchy. They have revolutionized the way e-commerce sites communicate and support their customers and set a new bar of expectations on what good service looks and feels like. Customer experience, service and support only recently became mainstream as a core company culture for many … Read More

User testing: 5 Ways to uncover hidden user feedback

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User recordings

Collecting user feedback when conducting user testing is key in improving your product. The problem is that your users are most likely lying to you about how they use or feel about your product. They’re not doing it because they’re evil. They are doing it because they can’t help it. There are 4 common reasons users fail to give you real answers:

Our new eBook: Get the Most Out of Your User Session Recordings

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New E-book: user session recordings

Today – we are happy to announce our first eBook: Get the Most Out of Your User Session Recordings: 10 questions every product manager should ask The way users experience your product can mean the difference between high and steady retention, improvement in conversion rates and eventually your financial bottom line. It can be the key to your product growth. Yet, many product managers fail to put the right emphasis on tracking and analyzing the actual experience their users go through.