What Does A Product Manager Actually Do?

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The Product Managers' Role

Ever found yourself debating what does a product manager actually do, or what are the product manager’s areas of responsibility? We recently had a long debate about it. Two weeks ago, we created a list of ‘31 product managers every product manager should follow’. While the idea of listing 31 product managers seems pretty straight forward, it actually opened a debate on “what is a product manager” – does it have to be a title, or is it basically a role someone needs to portray.

31 Product Managers Every Product Manager Should Follow

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Product Managers you should follow

Product managers are the people who shape and drive the product vision forward, but in a world of buzzwords and marketing slang Sometimes it seems that Growth Hackers and Conversion Rate experts get all the attention and glory for a product’s growth. Just search Google for “growth hackers to follow” or “CRO experts to follow” and then do the same for “product managers to follow” and you’ll see the difference.

Our new eBook: Get the Most Out of Your User Session Recordings

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New E-book: user session recordings

Today – we are happy to announce our first eBook: Get the Most Out of Your User Session Recordings: 10 questions every product manager should ask The way users experience your product can mean the difference between high and steady retention, improvement in conversion rates and eventually your financial bottom line. It can be the key to your product growth. Yet, many product managers fail to put the right emphasis on tracking and analyzing the actual experience their users go through.