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jaco Customer Support Ticket Times

Our users will inevitably have issues with our products. It’s the way of the software/web/mobile world. For every product we create in the hi-tech world we also have to provide a level of support.


The problem isn’t providing support, its support ticket time.


Once a support ticket comes in, support engineers will attempt to recreate the issue. This is a time-consuming process that involves both the customer and your staff. Often, the recreation process is frustrating for both sides leading to a negative customer experience.


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Other times the support engineer gets it right on the first time and everyone walks away happy. But this is unlikely and a factor of luck, not strategy.


We need a way to improve the customer experience while reducing support ticket time.


How does Jaco help improve support ticket time?


Jaco has integrations with multiple support systems that allow your support engineers to see exactly what the user is doing or has done.


That’s right, Jaco allows your support engineers to see what your customers are doing in real time.


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Take Intercom for example, one of the most common support platforms that we work with.


jaco support integrations


Our integration with Intercom makes the life of a support engineer a whole lot easier. Jaco is able to show sessions by user and attach those sessions to the user profile within Intercom.


Support engineers can see those sessions within Intercom. This eliminates the most frustrating part of a support engineers job, attempting to recreate the incident. They can now see exactly what the user tried to do, where the system failed, which element is not working, or diagnose any other number of issues.


It’s a simple one-click integration and has reduced the support ticket time of one Jaco client by 80%. That’s a whole lot more support tickets that can be answered. That’s a lot more happy customers. More happy customer leads to more recommendations which leads to more sales.


So, if you’re looking to improve your support process, look no further. Jaco is here to help improve your product performance across the entire user journey.

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