User testing: 5 Ways to uncover hidden user feedback

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User recordings

Collecting user feedback when conducting user testing is key in improving your product. The problem is that your users are most likely lying to you about how they use or feel about your product.

They’re not doing it because they’re evil. They are doing it because they can’t help it. There are 4 common reasons users fail to give you real answers:

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Our new eBook: Get the Most Out of Your User Session Recordings

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New E-book: user session recordings

Today – we are happy to announce our first eBook: Get the Most Out of Your User Session Recordings: 10 questions every product manager should ask

The way users experience your product can mean the difference between high and steady retention, improvement in conversion rates and eventually your financial bottom line. It can be the key to your product growth.

Yet, many product managers fail to put the right emphasis on tracking and analyzing the actual experience their users go through.

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Why Analyzing User Recordings Is Key to Growing Your Product

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Many of us already know how important it is to understand our user’s experience to create great design. Still, not many product managers utilize User Recordings to provide a better experience for their users.

Creating a site with great user experience means that people are able to figure out what’s on your site, how to navigate it, get what they want, and leave. When you make it easy, that also means they’ll come back.

One way to ensure that this is at the forefront of your team’s mind is to create a user-centric culture.

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