Jaco Labs: The Most Ridiculous Monkey Patches We’ve Seen

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“A monkey patch is a way for a program to extend or modify supporting system software locally.
The term monkey patch seems to have come from an earlier term, guerrilla patch, which referred to changing code sneakily – and possibly incompatibly with other such patches (Wikipedia)”

As a third party Javascript software provider, our code runs in the Wild Wide Web. We have to support sites that try to support IE6, shady WordPress themes, sites that were built in Dreamweaver and many other horrors as such.

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Jaco Labs: NodeJS + Docker => The Missing Manual

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When we started Jaco we set up a goal to be able to handle massive amounts of data (for a startup). To do that, we realized our system will need to support hundreds of thousands of events per second.

As we started receiving more traffic, splitting up components into different parts started to make more sense as it provided us with an easier way to reason about code and scale different parts of the application depending on specific load.

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Customer Success Managers: 3 Quick Ones With – Angela Chisholm (InVision)

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Angela InVision

Welcome to our first interview in our series of Customer Success “3 quick ones” series. A series where we interview top performing Customer Success managers.

Our first interview in the series is with Angela Chisholm, Customer Success Manager at InVision.

If you’re unfamiliar (is it possible?) – InVision is the leading product design collaboration platform, used by 2 million people worldwide. They provide an end-to-end platform that takes an idea from concept to code, and are one of our favorite startups, on a more personal note.

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“3 Quick ones” with Customer Success Managers – New segment on our blog!

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Customer Success announcement

Customer Success has become one of the most hyped terms and roles in the User-Centered startup world. The trend is obvious – 2015 was the year that support and customer service have finally walked in the footsteps of UX and Product Management, and developed a new doctrine based on the ideals of modern B2B companies.
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Jaco Labs: Analyzing Funnels Using Solr + Cassandra

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Jaco Labs- Solr and Cassandra

One of the big challenges in providing a good funnel analysis solution is being able to provide your users with data while not complicating the implementation process.

Because of our video session recording capabilities, a lot of our users use Jaco to learn how their users behave within their product and optimize their funnels.

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Product Managers: 31 Blogs You Should Follow To Up Your Game

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31 product management blogs

For a Product Manager, staying up to date with current blogs is a great source of inspiration and learning.

Having a good resource list in your tool set is a must. It’s like always having someone smart to consult with. And if you have diverse and high-quality resources to follow, you can almost always find a helpful tip or insight to help you with your daily dilemmas.

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How we created our product video in 4 days (including process, tools and frameworks)

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Jaco - video process

There comes a time at every startup life, where you need to create a promotional product video – To some of you, creating a good promotional video showcasing their product for the first time might be intimidating. We’re here to share our journey, and how we managed to do this in 4 days, in-house.

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What IS Jaco? – Answered!

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Jaco - The Video

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time and still aren’t sure what Jaco does, we have the answer for you – and it’s in video format!

Last week, we finished producing our first ever product marketing movie. It has everything you want from a great movie: Challenges, frustrations, emotions a narrator that sounds like Ryan Reynolds.

Oh, the secret is that we’ve done it in only 4 days from start to finish. But you’ll learn more about this soon.

So, without further adieu, the team and I are  proud to present – “Jaco – the movie”.
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New features: Add notes directly to the sessions you’re watching

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Do you ever watch sessions on Jaco and take notes on the side? (if not, you should!). Now you can add your notes directly to the sessions you’re watching.

With our new feature,  you can now add your notes directly to the sessions you’re watching!

If you see something worth noting, simply click on the Note button and add your comment. The note will be automatically added to the session transcript.
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