Jaco is Joining the WalkMe Team!

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We are thrilled to announce that Jaco will be joining the WalkMe team!


Two years ago we founded Jaco with the vision of helping companies better understand how users engage with their product. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most innovative companies out there in various roles. We’ve worked with the product teams to help them optimize their UX flow. We’ve worked with support teams at various companies to reduce support ticket time.


There have been countless other implementations of the Jaco technology and I am so proud of the team here at Jaco for working diligently to ensure that our clients have always had the support they needed and for developing innovative solutions when our clients needed something more.


On that note, to our clients. Thank you, thank you, thank you. None of this is possible without you. You’ve helped to push us forward and allowed us to see how you use our product. This has helped us develop our product roadmap and create a clearer vision of where Jaco is heading.


So now the big question… Why join WalkMe? In my first meetings with Rafi Sweary (President of WalkMe) and Dan Adika (CEO of WalkMe), they showed me what the future of Jaco could be and what it should be. The collaboration between Jaco, which shows you how users use your product, and WalkMe, which ensures users are adopting your product, is seamless. We had countless discussions on how our data can be actualized into something real that our clients can use and realized that this was a perfect match.


And now to the future. Jaco will become a subsidiary of WalkMe as we integrate our two technologies.You’ll notice on our website we are now: Jaco, a WalkMe company. We will enter a phase of rapid growth; bringing more development, product, support, and marketing assets to Jaco. This will ensure that we can scale, evolve, and provide a better product than we ever could have on our own.


Culturally, our commitment to providing best in class support and products will not change. Excellence has long been a part of our culture and is a core tenet of the WalkMe team as well.


For those who are not familiar with WalkMe, they are the world’s first digital adoption platform. Using an innovative platform that combines adoption, insights, and engagement, WalkMe ensures that your customers and employees are using your digital platforms correctly, regardless of the device. They have grown at an astounding pace and we have a lot to learn from their success.


Our Israel team is already sitting at the WalkMe office in Tel Aviv, while I have moved into the San Francisco offices. WalkMe’s company atmosphere is electrifying and exciting, with innovation occurring in every single department.


This is an exciting milestone for myself personally and the entire team at Jaco. The next few months will be busy to say the least, but as before, my door is always open to our clients. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have and I will gladly answer them.


And so, a toast: To the future, and the exciting innovations it will hold!

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