How Unpakt Improved their UX Using User Recording (Case Study)

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Unpakt is online moving marketplace that lets you plan, compare, book and manage your move.

Unpakt allows customers to save money while relaxing in the assurance that every aspect of their moving experience is attended to.

With over 250,000 satisfied users while working with over 600 moving companies across 300 different cities, Unpakt strives to learn more about how users use their platform and how they can improve the user experience.

With a dedicated mission to improve the moving experience from start to finish, consistently monitoring and analyzing how users interact with the product is a key component of the Unpakt success story.

Book your move online with Unpakt

Book your move online with Unpakt

What was the pain that brought you to Jaco?

In general, we were looking for a recording tool to capture video sessions. We recognized that key qualitative data was missing without the video component and relying solely on analytical data could not give us the full picture.

Video session recording quickly became the magic ingredient in our arsenal of user experience analysis.

Even more so, we were deeply invested in improving our conversion rate and in the middle of a comprehensive conversion optimization process and realized the data we had wasn’t giving us any actionable insights.

For example, we tested a version we never thought would work and the conversion rate skyrocketed. Conversely, there were versions we thought were brilliant but dramatically reduced our conversions.

It became very obvious that we were going to need to branch beyond just the numbers and start to gather more informative data points to help guide our efforts.

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How did Jaco solve this pain?

Using our recorded video sessions, we were able to get the complete picture of the user experience and see into the true analytics, beyond just the numbers from our traditional analytic reports.
This allowed us to see both the why and what of how our users were engaging on the Unpakt platform, enabling us to understand their true desires and motivations.

Seeing users actually interact with our product allowed us to see firsthand what is important to our users and then focus our product features and development efforts around the most effective opportunities for change.

Using Jaco with Unpakt

Who uses Jaco in your company, and how?

Jaco is primarily utilized by the product and engineering team but it is also leveraged by the QA and support teams to gain additional information.

Improving Conversion Rates

Improving our conversion rates is the ultimate goal for using Jaco.

Being able to watch a user session while executing a routine CRO is the gold standard for gleaning usable data because there are so many subtle nuances and insights into each decision made by a user.

Being able to view the sessions eliminates so much of the guesswork and confusion over individual decisions.

Recently, we discovered two major conversion drop-offs using Jaco.

One was when we identified a large segment of users who engaged with the homepage but did not convert. Initially, our analytics portrayed this event as a leak in the funnel.

However, using Jaco we realized we had a fatal design flaw.

We didn’t take into consideration that the majority of users used smaller size screens than our product team.

That means that the CTA button, which presented so prominently on our screens, was well below the fold, therefore allowing most people to miss it.

We were able to adjust the resolution and immediately the conversion rate rebounded.

Unpakt Platform 1

In another instance, we increased conversions off the homepage, but related support team tickets showed there was significant product confusion.

By segmenting and reviewing video sessions as correlated to support tickets, we noticed many users signed up but never scrolled down, meaning they did not get a chance to see the “How Does It Work” video.

Therefore, their progress extended to their funnel path, but they lacked the information they needed to convert.


While our support team does not rely directly on Jaco, it is utilized in our support and debugging process.

For example, if a user opens a support ticket or reports a bug in the platform, the support team will share the details of the case with the product team, who then looks up their session on Jaco to better understand what happened during the incident.

By using the recorded video session, Jaco makes it very easy to recreate the exact context that triggered the bug.

By avoiding human error and mistaken memories, the ability to truly understand what triggered the event likely saves about 90% of the effort necessary to create a solution.


Support Unpakt

Feature and efforts prioritization

One of the hardest decisions I make as a product manager is what to build when to build it and how many resources to allocate to it.

By watching video recording sessions, I can improve the process and efficiencies. We plan our sprints on a weekly basis. Before I prioritize tasks and features to focus on, I review Jaco by watching specific user sessions that align with some of our key interests.

By looking at how users interact, I then leverage that data to prioritize what the Unpakt team will be working on in the coming sprint.

After we release the new feature or the iterated version, I then watch the new sessions to decide on prioritization, urgent items, and scheduled tasks.

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User Testing Feature

Making product decisions

Watching how users interact with Unpakt also gave us insights about the product and where to focus our effort in the future.

For example, we thought that having 30-40 movers in every area and at different price ranges would add significant value to our product.

Through the video sessions, it quickly became obvious that people don’t scroll past the first 3-4 movers. For us, this realisation created a huge shift in our perceived challenges and opportunities, and therefore the decisions on where to allocate our time and effort.

In short, Jaco has reduced our R&D time considerably while improving our ability to identify and address true challenges in real time.

Who would you recommend Jaco for?

I would recommend Jaco to any company that has a product that’s more complex than a landing page.

Watching user’s video session helps you answer questions you had about your product, but it also adds a whole new layer of data, that lets you uncover sides of your product that you didn’t even take into considerations.

A good product is always user-driven, and these video sessions are the best way to build a product based on what your users actually need.

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