How to Create User Journeys: The First Optimization

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jaco how to create user journeys

As product managers we worry about a lot of the actions our users take in our product. The piece that concerns most of us on the daily is the journey our users take to get from point A to point Z.

User journeys are the sum total of the customer experience and must be optimized before we drill down to individual elements.

When we were building Jaco, this was one of our first thoughts and one that we still hold near and dear to our own hearts.

In fact, we used Jaco to optimize our own onboarding funnel. Since we saw the value and importance of optimizing user journeys, we gave Jaco users the ability to create their own optimal journey.

We’ve received a lot of requests recently for a tutorial on how to create user journeys and decided to post it here.

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How to Create User Journeys


Step 1: Click on Add Filter

jaco user journeys

Step 2: Choose the events section and add events

Events include any action a user can take on your site or in your product.

jaco user journey

Step 3: Use the events in that section to create a user journey

Ensure that the “Filter by Event Sequence” slider is turned on. This ensures you only get sessions that used that specific sequence of events.

jaco user journeys

That’s it. Combined with your quantitative analytics, this will show you exactly where users are dropping off in your funnel and why. This will allow you to optimize the entire flow, experience, and journey that your users take, allowing them to onboard better and faster than ever before.

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