Are Your Users Happy with Your New Feature? Here’s a Method to Easily Detect Frustrated Users

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Anticipating how your users will react to a release of a new feature can be nerve wracking. Will it be received with loving applause or an angry frustrated mob?

Tracing how your users receive your new feature is crucial for retention and growth of your product. The fastest you can learn about what they experience, the faster you can iterate and improve their product journey.

If you’re using analytical tools such as Google Analytics or Mixpanel,  the process of monitoring and analyzing usability and user satisfaction can be rather slow and complicated.

Mainly for two reasons:

  1. You’ll have to wait for enough data to be collected. If you don’t have enough users coming in daily to use your new feature, this can take weeks if not months. By the time you get enough data, it might be too late.
  2. You don’t get real feedback. One of the insights that always seems to be an issue for analytics tools is user dissatisfaction. You can use advanced filtering to find out how many users exhibited frustrated behavior, but even that is very complicated. Besides, it won’t tell you why they are frustrated.

There’s a glass ceiling when it comes to really understanding the user experience.

Detect Frustrated Users

In this post, I want to share with you how we use Jaco’s User Session Recording and data filtering capabilities to find specific sessions that portray dissatisfied behavior from users on a certain feature.

The benefits of doing this with a User Session Recording tool are clear:

Not only do you get to recognize exactly who and how many of your users are unsatisfied, but you can also watch their recording and understand the problem – which means you can solve it quickly.

Also, because you can see sessions on a per-user basis, you don’t have to wait for tons for data to gather insights.

Here’s the step by step process: (If haven’t signed up to use Jaco yet, we recommend that you sign up for the free trial – so you can practice these steps yourself).

Step 1: Filter the URL of the feature you want to test.

To start evaluating a specific feature, you first need to make sure you focus on the one you want to analyze.

You can do that by filtering the URL. Click on the filters button under “All Sessions”, choose “filter by action type” and then click on URL.
Filter the URL of the feature

Add the URL you want to analyze and you will be shown only sessions that involved the URL you chose.

Add the URL
You can now analyze all the sessions on your new feature.

Now we need to refine the filter – to detect frustrated users, we first need to filter out users who had a “successful” session.

Step 2: Define a “failure filter” for the feature

The second step to drilling down on frustration is defining an unwanted behavior on the page. I.E. A user got to a certain URL, but did not complete the action we wanted him to complete.

To set up this filter, create a second filter and add an Action Types filter of “Click” (assuming we want to find users who did not click a button that we want them to click).
Filter out successful sessions

Follow up by setting the filter to “does not contain” and add the class/text/id of your button.

Add class
You can now see all users who viewed your page/feature but did not take the action you wanted them to.

Step 3: Enhance the filter by spotting unwanted behavior (Rapid Clicks)

To make sure we find users who had a bad experience on our site, we have another filter that helps finding these exact cases – Rapid Clicks. They usually indicate frustration from the user.

Rapid Clicks means that Jaco recognized when a user is clicking on the same spot rapidly with no result. Meaning, he was expecting some sort of feedback he did not get it.
Rapid Clicks - detect frustrated users

By combining with the first two filters, you can find users who:
a. Used your feature
B. Did not perform the action you wanted them to perform
C. Exhibited frustrated behavior
Rapid click occurred

Step 4: Watch user sessions of frustrated users and find out the cause of the matter – then fix it.

That’s it!

All you have to do now is spend some time analyzing the behavior of these users and understand what went wrong in their session.

By doing so, you’ll make sure the issue will not continue and probably gain some valuable insights that might be relevant for the future.
Dissatisfied user - Session Recording

Now to you

Quantitative data may get all the attention, but sometimes qualitative data is the actual key to getting in-depth insights on your product, and more importantly, on your users.

By using advanced filtering to segment certain users on specific pages, you are able to test new features of your product in a granular way.

Now, you would need to work on optimizing them and learn about what is troubling your users.

Let us know in the comments – how have you been spotting those frustrated users so far?

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