Re-Imagining a Classic Jingle, Now Powered by Data

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In 1974 General Motors put out a commercial that hit the golden standard for advertising; it became a cultural icon. Ask someone anywhere in the world what America’s favorite pie is. There’d be good money to win on a bet that the answer is apple.


Chevrolet’s commercial began by asking: “America what’s your favorite sport?” The answer was baseball. “Sandwich?” Hot dog. “Pie?” Apple. “Car?” Chevrolet.



This commercial ran from 1974 to 1976. Chances are that if this data was verified, it was done through survey data and not using 1st party sales data. So, let’s use modern data methods to rewrite America’s favorite jingle.


Is baseball still America’s favorite sport?



America’s favorite sport at one point was baseball. However, as a decline in attendance and television ratings began to emerge, the question was asked: Is baseball still America’s sport?


Let’s take a look at some 3rd party data, which is considered to be better for this particular occasion. Why? It’s impartial and cannot be messed with by a 1st party TV station group or sports league.


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For this we’ll use Nielsen ratings, collected through a hybrid model of digital set-top box data and survey diaries. It’s not perfect since it’s not all digital but it is considered to be the current market standard. So, our rankings are as follows:


  • Super Bowl (American Tackle Football): 45.3 US Household Rating Points
  • NBA Championship (Basketball): 11.3 US Household Rating Points
  • World Series (Baseball): 21.8 US Household Rating Points
  • Stanley Cup (Hockey): 3.2 US Household Rating Points


So, while the most the World Series was the most watched baseball event of the the past 25 years, it does not dethrone football. That’s one change for the jingle.


Are hot dogs still America’s favorite sandwich?



Sandwiches: One of the most popular ways to eat food in America. Your plate is also food. Wonderful.


Hot Dogs were the most popular sandwich filling in 1974, but all things change. According to the latest 3rd party data from Datassential (2014), the most popular sandwich type was not the hot dog or even a sausage. That came in at #18. The current most popular sandwich in America is… Turkey!


Our jingle is shaping up quite nicely now, so on to pies!


Is the apple pie still America’s favorite pie?



Pie. A classic american dish. One of the most popular holiday dessert items. So much so that America’s #1 retailer, WalMart decided to see what the most popular pie flavor was during the 2015 holiday season. Jumping into their 1st party sales data WalMart pulled out a new pie champion, Sweet Potato Pie. Or, more specifically, Patti LaBelle’s Signature Sweet Potato Pie.


Is Chevrolet still America’s favorite car brand?



Finally, America’s favorite car brand. Chances are that this was not even Chevrolet at the time, but they claimed it in the jingle so we will have to update that as well!


Auto brands are a lot more than just cars nowadays. This has been taken account by the folks over at Business Insider. When they released their best selling vehicle report it covered cars, trucks, SUVs, Cross-overs, and others. Basically, all of the vehicle types. The best selling car of 2016 was the Ford F-Series followed by the Chevrolet Silverado.


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The Data Driven Classic Jingle


So if we had to re-create this classic jingle today, based on 1ict and 3rd party data, it would read something more like the below. Feel free to sing along with us!


“America, what’s your favorite sport?” Football!


“Sandwich?” Turkey!


“Pie?” Sweet Potato!


“Car?” Ford!


We love football, turkey, sweet potato pies, and Ford. They go together in the good ol’ USA. Football, turkey sweet potato pies, and Ford.


Nah, just doesn’t have the same pop.


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