Customer Success Managers: 3 Quick Ones with Margot da Cunha (Wistia)

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Customer Success Managers

In the second installment of our Customer Success Interview series, we interviewed Margot da Cunha, Customer Success Manager at Wistia – our favorite video marketing platform.

Previously content and customer success specialist at Wordstream, Margot, has a wide variety of skills when it comes to customer success and startup marketing.

She is also a contributor to Search Engine Journal and Social Media Today, and was named the 25th Most Influential PPC Expert in 2015 by PPC Hero.

For this article, we asked her about her roles as a CSM, the tools she uses and some tips for aspiring CSMs. Even if you’re just beginning your journey as a Customer Success professional or in any other role that involves a User-Centric mindset, these tips are for you.

Even if you’re just beginning your journey as a Customer Success professional or in any other role that involves a User-Centric mindset, these tips are for you.

Custome Success - Wistia

Margot, how would you define the role of a Customer Success Manager? Which areas are you responsible for in your company?

In my mind, the main role of a Customer Success Manager is to go above and beyond to ensure your customers are actively working towards their goals and that they will be happy with the service provided.

At Wistia, I work with customers of different sizes in a variety of industries. Nevertheless, I try to treat every customer I am responsible for with the level of service that I would like to receive.

This implies both personal and group training, proactive reach-out, on-going support with prompt response times, face-to-face meetings, and an ability to relate to the customer’s situation.

Whether it is a mom with a pop-shop or a big name brand, every customer deserves the same level of quality support and attention.

The main things I am responsible for at Wistia include customer onboarding, on-going support, consultative calls, strategic planning, customer outreach, customer marketing (case studies, training, etc.) and overall, customer happiness.

The main thing that separates a good CSM from a great CSM is the ability to be proactive rather than solely reactive.

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Tell us about the tools you use to manage the customer success framework at Wistia.

  • HubSpot’s CRM – We’re currently using this as our main area for tracking customer conversations. We’re also using it to pull reports and set tasks. I personally love the integration with Gmail and the fact that our marketing and sales teams use HubSpot. It makes it easier to understand which content my customers are engaging with allowing us to have more relevant conversations.
  • Slack – we use this for internal communication across teams.
  • GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar – We use this for conference calls with customers, as well as hosting webinars for training.
  • Calendly – using it to easily schedule calls with customers.
  • Trello – using this on the success team to keep track of projects.
  • Wistia – we use Wistia to host and track videos that we create for customers (including personalized videos and training webinars). We’ve found that using videos is a really great way to create a personalized and memorable experience with our customers.
  • TextExpand – this a phenomenal tool to save time typing out commonly sent messages (like “thank you for taking the time to chat today” or links that your company might use).

If you had to give a tip to an aspiring Customer Success professional, what would it be?

I have a few… 🙂

  • Be patient and don’t be afraid to ask for help. You won’t always know the answer, but being able to empathize with the customer and ask for help internally, goes a long way.
  • Stay organized and track everything. This will ensure you don’t overwhelm yourself.
  • Be proactive in your interactions! Don’t wait for the customer to contact you when something goes wrong.
    Instead, reach out to them to introduce a new feature, congratulate them on an exciting milestone, or just reach out to check-in. This goes a long way!
  • Be creative and go the extra mile.
    Send your customer swag when they complete onboarding or make them a fun video to thank them for being patient while you were working through a challenging issue. This can turn a happy customer to a lifelong brand ambassador.



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  1. Eric

    Great tips and awesome software.

    Yes, it’s always great to ask for help. I started a tech support community for entrepreneurs and coaches for reasons like this! They ask about software, tips and trick to help their business grow.

    I have used everything on your list. However, text expansion is not one of them. I’ll see what I can cook up!

    Cheers Margot~

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