Customer Success Managers: 3 Quick Ones With – Angela Chisholm (InVision)

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Angela InVision

Welcome to our first interview in our series of Customer Success “3 quick ones” series. A series where we interview top performing Customer Success managers.

Our first interview in the series is with Angela Chisholm, Customer Success Manager at InVision.

If you’re unfamiliar (is it possible?) – InVision is the leading product design collaboration platform, used by 2 million people worldwide. They provide an end-to-end platform that takes an idea from concept to code, and are one of our favorite startups, on a more personal note.

We use InVision in our daily workflow and were even featured on their blog early on – so we are happy and excited to have Angela as our first interviewee.

1. Angela, How would you describe the role of a Customer Success Manager, and how does your day to day look like?

As a customer success manager, my role is to educate and work alongside our Enterprise customers to best integrate InVision into their product design process.

Starting with onboarding new customers, we take the time to understand the team’s current process, their goals and pain points and make recommendations and train users on how to collaborate more and improve efficiencies. We not only train users on how to use InVision tactically but also aspirationally to improve their day-to-day workflow.

While many engineering teams have spent years moving to an Agile workflow and refining process, product design teams are now expanding rapidly, putting them under immense pressure to produce great work. Design-led companies are disrupting industries (check out our documentary DESIGN DISRUPTORS for more on this!) and the designers we work with want to push not only their own teams but their entire organization to be more design-centric.
In addition to training and education, we provide general account support and manage subscription needs. We collect and manage product feedback for our research teams and keep customers up-to-date on the latest features.
We also connect customers with local events InVision hosts such as design panels and happy hours and even connect designers to each other for networking and job opportunities. Our goal is to empower designers across industries through education, events, and networking. As a result, we have a 95% retention rate year over year with our Enterprise customers.

2. What are the top 5 tools you use daily?

1. Gainsight

This is a Customer Success Management platform. With our rapidly growing customer base, we needed a way to track the health of each account. Gainsight allows us to create custom rules and calls to actions so we are alerted when a customer is doing great, not so great, etc., Gainsight integrates with your admin tools/backend and once the data is connected, it creates a powerful roundup of your accounts, which helps automate outreach.

2. Intercom

Although used heavily across a lot of our teams at InVision, Customer Success uses Intercom in a few different ways:
With so much email these days, it’s great to be able to quickly post a targeted and relevant message for users in-app. We often let people know about small product changes or might post a helpful tip.Intercom allows us to view very detailed account data. If we get an alert about an account in Gainsight, we’ll check out Intercom to drill down on what’s happening.

3. Zendesk

This is primarily used by our technical support team. Customer Success uses Zendesk to track feature requests and view an aggregate of issues at an account level.


4. Outreach

We were introduced to this tool by our sales team but found it helpful for engagement with customers as well. Outreach allows us to target a large group of customers at once with a specific email sequence. For example, if we want to let our customers in San Francisco know that we’re coming to town for an event in a few weeks, we can send out an email sequence to those customers, including a follow-up note automatically if they don’t respond. With so many users, we need to strike a balance between manual and automated messaging so that we make sure we’re engaging all of our customers authentically.

5. Chartio

This is a data visualization tool that we use to look at an account as a whole. While Intercom provides more individual data, Chartio provides a roundup with some detail as well.

3. If you had to give 1 tip to an upcoming Customer Success Manager, what would it be?

The best Customer Success Managers will be able to connect with the accounts they work with beyond just product training. It’s not enough to be an expert in your tool; you need to understand your end users’ goals, pain points, and needs. Get to know your customers and what keeps them up at night. Then, advocate with your own product teams.

It’s helpful to have the ability to explain the direction and thinking of your own product team. Work to be a resource for your customer beyond your own solution. Connect customers at different companies that have similar pain points, organize events for networking, share/create valuable content. Your customers will appreciate it.

Have any questions for Angela? Let us know in the comments and we’ll make sure she replies!

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