Customer Success Interview with Craig Soules, CEO @ Natero

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We always try to provide you with behind the scenes insights on the best tools in the customer success field.

This time, we interviewed Craig Soules, CEO of Natero.

Natero is often recommended in our Customer Success interviews and roundups.

The platform allows you to reach out to customers at risk of churn before they decide to leave. It also tells you which customers are most likely to upgrade or convert from free to paying.

Read below to learn Craig’s views on Natero’s Customer Success efforts.



How would you define Customer Success in Natero?

At Natero, Customer Success is responsible for ensuring that our clients engage with our product and receive the most value.

It starts with onboarding and continues throughout a customer’s lifetime.

Our CSM team helps customers with:

  • achieving their goals
  • adopting new functionality
  • understanding best practices.

Customer Success is the face of Natero, and also the voice of the customer within Natero.

The main part of the CSM’s role is coordinating with internal teams (such as Support, Sales, and ,of course, Product).

Over time, our Customer Success Managers become trusted partners of our customers. That, in return, strengthens our relationship and leads to continued success.


Natero’s Interface

What tools do you use to manage Natero’s Customer Success process?

While we make heavy use of our Customer Success Platform, we still use a variety of other tools. These tools help with sales, marketing, and support.

One of the big advantages of Natero is the depth of our integrations.

With that said, rather than listing individual tools, I’ll list some of the key categories that are helpful to the Customer Success team.

CRM tools

Tools such as Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Capsule, and Pipedrive.

These tools help the sales team track and manage leads and opportunities through the sales pipeline.

For Customer Success, the transition from a visitor to a customer is usually the first touchpoint.  Understanding their journey through the sales pipeline is critical to identifying their goals. By doing so, you will be leading them to early success with the product.



Support tools

Tools such as FreshdeskZendesk, and

Support tools help with tracking issues and tickets when customers experience problems with your product.

Tracking outstanding tickets leads to better prioritization and a better customer experience.

Lack of support tickets or questions can indicate that customer engagement is low.

Customer Interactions

For Customer Interaction – Phone communication, customer interaction tools (such as Intercom, Hipchat) and email.

These are the primary communication platforms for Customer Success teams.

Capturing the details and frequency of such conversations is a strong indicator of customer health.

Survey tools

Survey tools such as SurveyMonkey, Delighted, AskNicely and others are a helpful source of subjective data.  They can be a critical component of a customer’s health score.



Billing Information

Finally, billing information from systems such as RecurlyZuora, Chargebee, Stripe, and others.

Billing information systems provide valuable context about a customer’s size and plan.  They also provide insights about expected level of support, timeliness of payment, and more.

Capturing all your customer touch-points may seem like a daunting task. However, using a platform like Natero helps to build customer profiles while expanding your toolset and integrating more data.

A rich customer profile can aid your team in several ways.

It aids in creating an accurate set of early warning indicators, tracking customer health, and identifying areas for improvement, for both your product and your team.


What tip would you give to an upcoming Customer Success Manager?

Remember that customers want to be successful with your product.

So, it’s critical to identify what success means for your customers early, and again in each phase of their customer lifecycle.

Partner with your customers, identify their key goals and capture the necessary data. This will help you monitor your progress continuously.

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