Customer Success Managers: 3 Quick Ones with Andrew Roth (RocketBolt)

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Our third Customer Success Manager interview is here! Andy Roth, CSM of RocketBolt, gave us the opportunity to learn from his experience.


RocketBolt provides real-time feeds to easily visualize lead activity, giving sales people the strategic advantage they need to quickly identify valuable sales.

It allows you to track your users’ email opens, website visits and overall engagement with your brand to make sure you interact with them in the perfect moment, when they’re ready for you.

After receiving Andrew’s insights and hearing about the behind-the-scenes of his work routine, we are not surprised with the success of the up-and-coming platform, RocketBolt.

We gained so much knowledge from this interview and we are glad we get the chance to share it with you.

“In your eyes, what are the main roles of a Customer Success Manager?”

My job is to make sure every interaction a customer has with our company delivers value.

I oversee the entire relationship – from the moment they first hear about RocketBolt, through the onboarding, nurturing, and education that occurs during the trial period, to continuing to provide support and value for the entire time that a customer is using our platform.

Every time a customer or potential customer experiences contact with RocketBolt, whether actually using our platform or simply hearing from us, I want to delight them with the value we provide.

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“What are the most effective tools you use in your day-to-day activities as a Customer Success Manager?”

For the top-of-funnel (brand awareness) aspect of my job, you can’t do better than social media. I personally like Twitter because you can strike up a conversation with anyone!

It’s a much more freewheeling, open atmosphere than Facebook or LinkedIn and I’ve found a much higher percentage of users that are more guarded.

Sprout Social

We have several Twitter accounts that I help manage and I really like Sprout Social as a tool that helps me keep everything straight, engage with our Twitter followers, schedule tweets, and more.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social

For any demos I give, whether to prospective customers or to existing customers to help them solve a problem, I use the screenshare platform Not a lot of bells and whistles, but who cares? It’s solid, it’s easy for people to use… I’m a fan.




For customer support, we use Zopim. We like the interface and the team collaboration tools. It’s been tremendous in helping us stay on top of our support efforts.




The most important tool I use, hands down, is RocketBolt.

That’s right, as the (weird) saying goes, we eat our own dog food.

RocketBolt tracks my potential and existing customers, telling me when they open emails, visit my website and post things on social media that I should respond to.

As a result, I can deliver value to a potential customer by solving a customer support problem quickly and efficiently and by providing guidance to existing customers even before they themselves realize they need the help.

The insight I gain from the RocketBolt platform helps me target all of my messaging in extremely powerful and engaging ways. Basically, I always know I’m reaching out to the right person, at the right time, in precisely the right way.



If you had to choose one piece of advice to pass on to our readers, that you believe will make them better Customer Success Managers, what would it be?

Focus all of your efforts on providing value to your customers.

Customer Success is not about keeping your customers happy, it’s about being an integral reason for their success. Happy customers will feel really bad about churning… but they’ll still leave.

Customers you’re bringing value to, the kind of value they couldn’t get without you and your product or service – they’re never leaving. They’ll pay you forever and they’ll tell their friends about you too.

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Our talented candidate has lots to share so for any further questions, please let us know in the comments!

Thumbs up to Andrew and stay posted for the next interview, coming soon!


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