How ChannelApe Tripled Their Conversions Using User Session Recordings

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ChannelApe conversion recording

ChannelApe is a Multichannel Inventory & Backend Automation platform that helps e-commerce site owners to better manage their start – to – end sales process. Today, we share with you how they increased their conversion rate x3 using User Session Recording.

Launched back in April, ChannelApe takes data from different data points and merges those points together in one system.

Doing so enables ChannelApe to provide their users with a one-dashboard solution in which they can manage their entire E-commerce operation from different marketplaces.

Instead of having to log in to Walmart, Amazon and Shopify they can log in to ChannelApe and manage all of their inventory and orders from one place.

Using integrations with big e-commerce platforms such as Shopify (over 200,000stores), BigCommerce , WooCommerce and recently a partnership with Walmart, ChannelApe aims to simplify the E-commerce store owners’ lives.

ChannelApe Jaco

What was the pain that brought you to Jaco?

We launched back in April and we had huge demand. We actually had a waiting list with a few thousand people on it.

When we launched and brought all of these users on board, we saw that sign ups per day were growing, but these new users were not converting.

We knew there had to be an issue. Why are all these people coming onto our platform and then not converting into a paying customer?

They were dropping off after the free trial or even dropping off after a day or two.

We used Intercom for messaging, but our customers were not responding, our messages were not being read, so the issue couldn’t be solved with such a tool.

We knew  something was wrong – but we didn’t know why or what.

Jaco conversion optimization

How did Jaco solve this pain?

When we installed Jaco and started watching all the user sessions, we were shocked. Things that we never thought of as engineers and developers suddenly hit us.

We were working on the product for so long, that the interface became second nature to us. For us, the experience was so natural that we couldn’t see it from the perspective of somebody who has never used the platform before.

For us, the experience was so natural that we couldn’t see it from the perspective of somebody who has never used the platform before.

After installing Jaco, we spent the whole week watching thousands and thousands of sessions and found major pain points and friction on the platform.

Some of our users had no idea what they were doing – they couldn’t figure it out and just bounced.

We spent a whole week watching these Jaco sessions and then going back to our UI developer who, together with our backend developer, fixed all these friction points.

Jaco session recording 2

We tweaked the interface according to insights from Jaco and our conversion rate actually tripled within a month.

Standard customers are not going to reach out and ask for help. They are just going to log out of the platform and move on to your competitor hoping for an easier user interface or a platform that’s more intuitive.

So if you don’t understand their experience and the issues they have with your product, you’re just going to lose them.

For example, One of the first things we found when using Jaco is the first and biggest friction point of our interface:

People are dropping off when they’re asked to choose a password.

We wanted to create strong passwords, so we added all these criteria: it had to be long, have an uppercase letter, a special character. We discovered that all these demands were too much for our potential users.

They couldn’t understand why we had such overwhelming demands from them right off the bat.

We removed those demands after watching the Jaco sessions.

“Jaco  gave us the opportunity to look at a platform through our customer’s  eyes.”

Jaco user analysis

Who uses Jaco in your company, and how?

Jaco is mainly used by our customer success team, but it impacts all departments – from customer support to the product roadmap.

Customer support:

Our support team uses Jaco’s integration with Intercom, which syncs every new customer with his Jaco sessions.

We can see all the signups from the day before and then we can click on the Jaco session and watch what they did, where they have been to etc.

We can then reach out to them with a very targeted message, and say: “Hey, we see that you clicked on this app. Did you need help with the install? We know that you want to sell these products online. Do you need help?”

So, we can send out targeted email campaigns with very refined targeting after watching Jaco sessions.

Jaco for Customer Support

Another great use for Jaco is in our data. on our database, we have columns for the email address, name, store name etc.,

but there’s a whole column we have in our database just for notes from the Jaco session.

So, our customer service team will take notes and will say, “Hey, this customer clicked on 4-5 different apps within our system.

They got hung up and then they dropped.” And then we can reach out and say, “Hey, we know you are interested in this part of our platform. We can see that you got stuck here.

If you need help setting up your store, let us help you.” And that’s what really increased our conversion rate.

“The first thing our customer success team does when they arrive at the office is to take a look at all the signups that we had they day before and then go through their Jaco sessions and analyze them”

Product team and developers

Our customer success team actually look at each Jaco session.

They look at every signup from the day before and then watch those Jaco sessions and add notes.

If they spot a friction point in the user-interface for example, then we’d go back to the developers and let them know.

“Hey, we noticed 5 or 6 customers got stuck at the same point. They don’t understand the interface. Let’s add some notation there/ let’s add some instructions/ let’s add a link to the help panel/ let’s add a link to a how-to video.”

By watching  several users that have issues with a feature, we can assume that the issue is repeating, and confirm that by optimizing and then seeing the following results.

This is an ongoing process – watching those user sessions and going back to improve the experience via the product, design and development teams.

Jaco session recording

Increase sales with personalization

Except for finding friction points in the UI, we also use Jaco to find out what are the users’ intentions.

We can understand what they’re interested in doing by watching their interaction, what they were looking for, the source of the session etc.

For example, we can reach out and say, “Hey, we see that you signed up for an account, we know that you are interested in selling camping gear online, how about we help you integrate with the suppliers and vendors you need”.

Our open rates, clicks and response rate climbed when we started using data from Jaco to personalize our emails .

“It’s actually like you have a customer right in front of you, and you are standing behind them, watching what they are doing, while helping and guiding them”

Developing features and adjusting roadmap.

The customer success team watches the sessions and then report to the product manager based on user behavior trends they spot.

By watching users click on certain ads in our system or early stage features, they can tell the product team what users want and what should we focus on.

For example, we saw that a lot of people click on “XML Integration”.

So, now we know that people want to be able to integrate their own XML file with our system.

Based on that, we added an XML integration file mapper to our product roadmap.

We have some features on our site that are not fully functional on purpose. So that way we can see what people are clicking.

If we have a feature that gets a lot of clicks but doesn’t exist, we know we have to build it.

By watching the session on Jaco we plan our next feature sprint.

IMG_20151118_163358 (1)

Who would you recommend Jaco for?

I think I would recommend Jaco for any company that wants to understand their users better.

Any company that wants to learn what their customers are trying to accomplish on their platform and spot possible friction in their product.

By learning more about your users, you can create an experience that solves their problem in a better, more intuitive way, and that’s what’s building a product is all about.

“If your company ‘s goal is to grow and scale, you should use Jaco.”



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