Changes to Jaco’s Pricing Plans

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We would like to offer you, our customers, a detailed explanation of Jaco’s new pricing plans.


A lot has changed in the past few months — we were acquired by WalkMe and have been working hard to integrate Jaco into the WalkMe platform. We’ve made significant progress on the Jaco product roadmap, and are introducing groundbreaking features at breakneck speed. We are closer now than ever to delivering the Jaco product we always envisioned.


Two things that have not changed and will not change are our commitment to helping you learn more about your customers and our desire to maintain a transparent relationship with you, our customers.


Beginning May 22, the pricing tiers for Jaco will change for new customers. Existing customers will be grandfathered into their current pricing tier.


Building the next phase of Jaco


Our goal is to continue improving and building the core features of Jaco to make them more powerful, more intuitive, and more useful for you. We are also working to build the new features that many of our customers have requested. In order to do this, we are investing a significant amount of time, energy, and capital into the Jaco product.


Even though Jaco was acquired by WalkMe, we are still operating as an independent company. This means we are not a large corporation, and do not intend to act as such. We hope to continue helping you learn more about your customers and improving your products moving forward.


Here’s how Jaco’s pricing model will look moving forward. Prices are shown in USD.



Jaco Starter



The easiest way to get started with Jaco, starter is now an free plan with no expiration date. Smaller companies will now be able to get started with Jaco and learn more about their customers from day one.


With starter, you will have automated event tracking and session playback. This will allow you to get significantly deeper insights into your customers. As we release more features, starter will grow and help you learn even more!





As your number of users grows, we are committed to growing with you. Growth will allow users up to 25,000 sessions per month, allowing you to scale and learn more about your customers with just the click of a button.


With growth, you will have all of the features available on starter plus the ability to segment your customers based on how they use your product. You will be able to see similar sessions based on actions they performed within your product, allowing you to get a feel for the different types of users you have.



Contact Us


When your business expands beyond the growth plan, we’d like to build a plan that fits your specific business wants and needs.


Our enterprise plan will have custom features as well as a dedicated account manager so that you can always be in touch with us. We are committed to growing your business and helping you learn as much as possible about your customers.


If you have any questions regarding the new pricing plans, please do not hesitate to be in touch with us. We are excited about the future and look forward to building the next versions of Jaco with you by our side.


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