How HoneyBook uses User Session Recordings to Optimize their UX

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Honeybook is an online platform that modernizes and streamlines the client booking and payment process for creative and event professionals. With HoneyBook, users easily create custom proposals, contracts, and invoices, enable their clients to sign and pay digitally, and manage their business pipeline all in one place. Since its launch back in 2013, HoneyBook has been saving users up to 21 days a year in reduced administrative tasks so they can spend more time growing their businesses, sharing time with their families, or taking a much-needed vacation.

Are Your Users Happy with Your New Feature? Here’s a Method to Easily Detect Frustrated Users

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Anticipating how your users will react to a release of a new feature can be nerve wracking. Will it be received with loving applause or an angry frustrated mob? Tracing how your users receive your new feature is crucial for retention and growth of your product. The fastest you can learn about what they experience, the faster you can iterate and improve their product journey.