What is Predictive Support?

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Growing up all of my clothes came from the same company: Land’s End. Two words are enough, to sum up why my mother shopped there year after year: lifetime warranty. It was a huge differentiator for us since we tended to be the kids who tore their clothes or grew out them way too quickly. When something happened, my mother sent the clothing back. A week later, new clothes showed up in the mail — all of this for free. This was the Land’s End guarantee.     Now as … Read More

Analytics Can Dramatically Change your Customer Experience

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  Every company wants to have a great customer experience. We want our customers to easily use our products and have a great relationship with us. The recipe seems fairly simple: Hire a talented customer success team who will take care of your customer happiness. Build a support department that can answer any questions your customers may have. Ensure your product is easy to use so that there aren’t many questions to ask.   Sounds pretty straight forward — except for when it isn’t.   Most of the time, the … Read More

Making the Case for Investing in UX Analytics

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UX Analytics might be the most important investment your company makes this year.   It’s a bold statement but we stick by it. Why? Your user experience defines everything your company does. It defines the path your users will take to navigate your product. It defines how your users sign up, how they check out, how often they visit and how they feel while using your product. So, it might be a strong statement, but we stand by it: UX Analytics might be the most important investment your company makes … Read More

Must Have Customer Experience Tools

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jaco must have customer retention tools

Managing digital customer experience can be a daunting task. There is so much that needs to be managed and optimized and you just don’t have the time. If this sounds like you, you need to think differently about customer experience and start utilizing different tools to help you become more proactive. The customer experience tools below will allow you to constantly gather customer feedback, maintain a single profile or source of data on each customer, and deliver a personalized experience in each channel. 8 Must Have Customer Experience Tools   … Read More

Uncover User Insights with This Step by Step Guide to Installing Jaco

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Adding a new tool to your toolkit is always fun, but it’s also a cluttered process that gets pushed back because other, more urgent tasks pop up. We’ve put a lot of effort into simplifying Jaco’s installation process and making it as quick and intuitive as possible. To make our installation process as smooth as possible, I created a new video showing how to install Jaco in under 2 minutes!

Does Your Onboarding Suck? Here’s How To Make It Amazing

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A customer just signed up for your product and is giving you the chance to give him a good first impression. In that moment, you have to make sure you set their expectations high and communicate with them how your product can meet their goals. Not only does the first impression need to be a smooth experience, it should also be engaging. If they signed up, tried out your product, and never came back, you lost them forever.

How to Get Your Clueless Manager On-Board With Your UX Process

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How to get your clueless manager on-board with your UX process

We know that you know the value of User Experience (UX). Your users definitely understand the benefits of great UX. But what can you do if your company’s Product Manager doesn’t get it? Or even worse, if your CEO doesn’t get it? Too often, we find great User Experience designers feeling frustrated with their positions. Either because they are not getting the freedom to do what they do best or maybe because the PM or CEO (with no UX experience) think they know best and are calling out on the … Read More

How to Test Your Onboarding Process Based on Your ad

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Test your onboarding process based on your ad

Onboarding new users is probably one of the most important, yet underrated processes taken into consideration when building a new product. If done correctly, it can increase your retention rates dramatically. If done poorly, your potential clients will leave and never come back. Yes, onboarding users is harder than you think and there are many pitfalls you’ll need to avoid. Many product managers and success managers think that the onboarding process starts with the product’s homepage or log-in screen. The process actually starts with first contact – it can be … Read More

How Unpakt Improved their UX Using User Recording (Case Study)

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Unpakt is online moving marketplace that lets you plan, compare, book and manage your move. Unpakt allows customers to save money while relaxing in the assurance that every aspect of their moving experience is attended to. With over 250,000 satisfied users while working with over 600 moving companies across 300 different cities, Unpakt strives to learn more about how users use their platform and how they can improve the user experience.

Best Online Tools For Conducting a Design Audit

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design audit tools

As designers, we don’t always feel the need to audit and evaluate our design, since we believe our experience gives us the ability to understand the need and provide the best possible solution. But designers aren’t always right – When you create something that you love, you might miss out on some crucial aspects and false perceptions that can turn your product into a disaster.