How to Create User Journeys: The First Optimization

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jaco how to create user journeys

As product managers we worry about a lot of the actions our users take in our product. The piece that concerns most of us on the daily is the journey our users take to get from point A to point Z. User journeys are the sum total of the customer experience and must be optimized before we drill down to individual elements. When we were building Jaco, this was one of our first thoughts and one that we still hold near and dear to our own hearts. In fact, we … Read More

Refactoring JSON to FlatBuffers

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Refactoring JSON to FlatBuffers

Data serialization is a very common process in web applications. So common that no one gives it a second thought. You just pull data from the DB, and your server and client frameworks just handle this thing for you. The server serializes the data into JSON, and the client parses it to JS object. This flow is simple and natural but, as everything, when taken to the extreme start to show scaling issues. What is an ‘extreme’ for data serialization? A lot of data. Serializing and deseriazling tens of thousands … Read More

Does Your Onboarding Suck? Here’s How To Make It Amazing

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A customer just signed up for your product and is giving you the chance to give him a good first impression. In that moment, you have to make sure you set their expectations high and communicate with them how your product can meet their goals. Not only does the first impression need to be a smooth experience, it should also be engaging. If they signed up, tried out your product, and never came back, you lost them forever.

37 User Onboarding Resources That Will Boost User Loyalty

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37 user onboarding resources

Though still under-hyped, User Onboarding has the biggest impact on your customer’s Lifetime Value (LTV) and churn rate. I’ll keep it short and simple – if your onboarding process sucks, your new users will churn faster than you can say “I’ve read ‘Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries and it changed my life”. The biggest challenge of any product is convincing users they should stick around and give you a chance. Odds are against you as it is. If your onboarding process isn’t good – you’re setting your product growth up … Read More

Best Online Tools For Conducting a Design Audit

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design audit tools

As designers, we don’t always feel the need to audit and evaluate our design, since we believe our experience gives us the ability to understand the need and provide the best possible solution. But designers aren’t always right – When you create something that you love, you might miss out on some crucial aspects and false perceptions that can turn your product into a disaster.

Are Your Users Happy with Your New Feature? Here’s a Method to Easily Detect Frustrated Users

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Anticipating how your users will react to a release of a new feature can be nerve wracking. Will it be received with loving applause or an angry frustrated mob? Tracing how your users receive your new feature is crucial for retention and growth of your product. The fastest you can learn about what they experience, the faster you can iterate and improve their product journey.

Product Management Tools Series – Nir Erlich (Craft)

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Product Management Tools - Nir Erlich

Welcome back to our segment on Product Management Tools. As I stated in our previous interview with Ran, our PM, Product Management is a tough job. With all the different areas of responsibility and the necessary cross-disciplinary skill set, a good Product Manager needs to know his tools and implement the ones who best fit the company’s culture and workflow.

Product Managers: 31 Blogs You Should Follow To Up Your Game

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31 product management blogs

For a Product Manager, staying up to date with current blogs is a great source of inspiration and learning. Having a good resource list in your tool set is a must. It’s like always having someone smart to consult with. And if you have diverse and high-quality resources to follow, you can almost always find a helpful tip or insight to help you with your daily dilemmas.