Using Data to Revolutionize Customer Experience

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Over the past few years, we’ve experienced a revolution in the technology world. We’ve seen terms like mass customization, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality leave the realm of Hollywood and enter everyday life. On the product side of things we’ve seen companies like Sketch and InVision revolutionize the way our digital and mobile products are built. To quote Anne Lamott, “It’s a great time to be alive.”   Yet despite these amazing strides, we are still not seeing truly revolutionary experiences. Sure, tools like Jaco can make learning about your … Read More

Five Steps to Transform Your Business in the Digital Age

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  Digital transformation is not about technology, rather how organizations wield their digital tools.   Although we are deep in the age of digital, shift we know as digital transformation is far from over. Companies are completely reinventing themselves and constantly adapting to ensure that the next hot startup does not take over their business. However, many companies are buying technologies left and right and then figuring out how to use them just to keep up with the “digital age.” Let’s take a look at five steps you can take … Read More

What is Data Visualization?

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  What is data visualization? In short, it is a way of making large, complex sets of data easier to understand, in a way that is different than visual analytics.   In our last post we spoke about visual analytics and there was some concern that people in the digiverse would think that Jaco is a data visualization company. Once we got into the topic we realized that defining both terms was not only necessary, but each topic deserved it’s own post. We are big believers in data visualization and … Read More

What is Visual Analytics?

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  When WalkMe purchased Jaco, we were referred to as a visual analytics platform. For those who work in the data field, this may have been a bit confusing as there is already a concept of data visualisation. While we will dive deeper into that topic on another day, this post will be focused on what visual analytics are and how they are used.   What is Visual Analytics?   Simply put, visual analytics platforms give you the ability to see not just who is using your platform (quantitative data), … Read More

Re-Imagining a Classic Jingle, Now Powered by Data

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jaco data driven classic jingle

  In 1974 General Motors put out a commercial that hit the golden standard for advertising; it became a cultural icon. Ask someone anywhere in the world what America’s favorite pie is. There’d be good money to win on a bet that the answer is apple.   Chevrolet’s commercial began by asking: “America what’s your favorite sport?” The answer was baseball. “Sandwich?” Hot dog. “Pie?” Apple. “Car?” Chevrolet.     This commercial ran from 1974 to 1976. Chances are that if this data was verified, it was done through survey … Read More

Data Analytics Systems Work for B2B Companies Too

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We’ve now seen how data is evolving to transform organizations in the retail world, but what about a B2B company? Let’s discuss how a B2B company can benefit from streamlining all their data analytics systems into one system.   Learn more about your customers by installing Jaco. Click here to get started for free!   While the structure of the information flow here is very similar to retail companies, albeit with different goals, the data generated is applied differently on a tactical level.   Let’s begin with the data structure: … Read More

The New and Evolved Data Structures

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Jaco New and Evolved Data Structures

  In our last post, we discussed the building blocks of data, where it comes from, and the basic terminology needed to understand how data will evolve over the coming years. One challenge moving is forward is re-imagining data as a tool across an organization. Let’s start with how many companies currently use their base data tools for a marketing campaign.   Identify the “How” and the “Why” of your product with Jaco. Click here to get started for free!   The largest CRM platform in the world is Salesforce. … Read More

The Age of Agile Analytics

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Jaco Agile Analytics

  To those of us who work in anything remotely related to technology, the next sentence should not be news. The digital era is changing how businesses function across every piece of their operation. Analytics platforms are giving us more access to data about our customers and potential customers than ever before at extremely affordable prices.   Identify the “How” and the “Why” of your product with Jaco. Click here to get started for free!   While the above is quite obvious, let’s take this a step further. How can … Read More