Changes to Jaco’s Pricing Plans

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  We would like to offer you, our customers, a detailed explanation of Jaco’s new pricing plans.   A lot has changed in the past few months — we were acquired by WalkMe and have been working hard to integrate Jaco into the WalkMe platform. We’ve made significant progress on the Jaco product roadmap, and are introducing groundbreaking features at breakneck speed. We are closer now than ever to delivering the Jaco product we always envisioned.   Two things that have not changed and will not change are our commitment … Read More

Jaco is Joining the WalkMe Team!

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  We are thrilled to announce that Jaco will be joining the WalkMe team!   Two years ago we founded Jaco with the vision of helping companies better understand how users engage with their product. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most innovative companies out there in various roles. We’ve worked with the product teams to help them optimize their UX flow. We’ve worked with support teams at various companies to reduce support ticket time.   There have been countless other implementations of the … Read More

Uncover User Insights with This Step by Step Guide to Installing Jaco

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Adding a new tool to your toolkit is always fun, but it’s also a cluttered process that gets pushed back because other, more urgent tasks pop up. We’ve put a lot of effort into simplifying Jaco’s installation process and making it as quick and intuitive as possible. To make our installation process as smooth as possible, I created a new video showing how to install Jaco in under 2 minutes!

How Unpakt Improved their UX Using User Recording (Case Study)

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Unpakt is online moving marketplace that lets you plan, compare, book and manage your move. Unpakt allows customers to save money while relaxing in the assurance that every aspect of their moving experience is attended to. With over 250,000 satisfied users while working with over 600 moving companies across 300 different cities, Unpakt strives to learn more about how users use their platform and how they can improve the user experience.

What IS Jaco? – Answered!

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Jaco - The Video

If you’ve been reading this blog for some time and still aren’t sure what Jaco does, we have the answer for you – and it’s in video format! Last week, we finished producing our first ever product marketing movie. It has everything you want from a great movie: Challenges, frustrations, emotions a narrator that sounds like Ryan Reynolds. Oh, the secret is that we’ve done it in only 4 days from start to finish. But you’ll learn more about this soon. So, without further adieu, the team and I are … Read More