Making the Case for Investing in UX Analytics

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UX Analytics might be the most important investment your company makes this year.


It’s a bold statement but we stick by it. Why? Your user experience defines everything your company does. It defines the path your users will take to navigate your product. It defines how your users sign up, how they check out, how often they visit and how they feel while using your product. So, it might be a strong statement, but we stand by it: UX Analytics might be the most important investment your company makes this year.


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What’s the big deal with UX anyways?


We all remember the company called MySpace right? Remember how it was completely eclipsed by Facebook? Andrew Kucheriavy, CEO of Intechnic, argued on Forbes that “Facebook trumped MySpace because of its superior innovation and user-friendly platform — the same user-friendly service that brands like Google, Amazon and Airbnb have used to propel them towards global success.”


If Myspace didn’t convince you, here is a powerful statistic from Forrester: “On average, every dollar invested in UX brings 100 in return. That’s an ROI of 9,900%.”


User experience — it’s a really really really big deal. It’s the first step in product design. UI designers will have a very hard time building an interface if the user path has not been clearly defined.


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Why UX Analytics?


This is a very good question. Most companies are overflowing with analytics tools. Everyone has Google Analytics because it’s free so why not? Throw in the free version of Heap, a bit of MailChimp, some Intercom and you still haven’t shelled out a penny.


So why should you invest in an analytics tool for UX? To answer that question, let’s take a look at the user path for an app registration.



Every single arrow on this chart has the potential for drop off. Every single step has the potential for optimization. Without the analytics to see where hangups are occurring, under what circumstances, and to which kinds of users — your strategy for improvement is guesswork.


Observing exactly how users interact with your product is equivalent to super powers when it comes to building the best possible product. UX analytics is an investment in your product, in your company, and in your future. Choose company growth — invest in your UX.


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