Analytics Can Dramatically Change your Customer Experience

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Every company wants to have a great customer experience. We want our customers to easily use our products and have a great relationship with us. The recipe seems fairly simple: Hire a talented customer success team who will take care of your customer happiness. Build a support department that can answer any questions your customers may have. Ensure your product is easy to use so that there aren’t many questions to ask.


Sounds pretty straight forward — except for when it isn’t.


Most of the time, the issues customers are having are not issues you initially thought of when designing the customer experience. You may have missed a bug or two despite all the mechanisms you have in place to catch them. Who brings it to your attention? Your customers.


This is just one issue. The end to end customer experience is fraught with pitfalls that can affect how a potential and current customer experiences your product.

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How does agile analytics help improve the customer experience?


Let’s start with the first place customers interact with your digital product — your website. Diagnosing issues within your website can be a tedious process involving multiple analytics programs, but it is a task worth undertaking. Use quantitative analytics to see where customers are dropping off in your platform.


If you are already a current user of Jaco, check your user sessions. You can then tweak the user journey based on your new found knowledge of what is causing users to drop off. If you aren’t already a user, do yourself a favor and get Jaco.


How does agile analytics help customer support?


Tools like Jaco help give insights into individual user sessions that can be attached directly to a support ticket with our custom integration. Instead of trying to recreate the issue, you can go to the session in Intercom, or any other support tool, and watch exactly what the customer did.

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How does agile analytics help product development?


To begin with, analytics should be driving your feature development. The question then becomes, which analytics should be the driving force? Should it be your system logs? Or is it your quantitative analytics which tell you how often your users are engaging with specific features?
Here at Jaco, we believe that qualitative analytics should be your driving force. It is not enough to know that certain features are being used — you have to see how your users are engaging with them. Are they using each and every feature to its full potential? Are your users discovering new uses for existing features? These questions can only be answered by watching how your users use your product.


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There are many many more use cases relating to the spread of data across an organization. The above are three applications of the same exact data source: visual analytics. Take a look at Jaco. See how it can optimize your organization, not just your department, but across all departments!


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