41 Customer Success Managers You Should Follow

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Customer Success Managers to Follow

For some companies, having a great customer success manager is the ultimate growth hack.

A Customer Success role is about making sure your customers love your product, use it to it’s fullest potential and benefit from it. Basically making sure they succeed in doing what they came to do your product and are loving it.


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If successfully executed, your will retain users for longer, but also create brand ambassadors.

While being a critical role in the success of any SaaS product, the CS role is relatively new and there are still not a lot of info on what the job responsibilities really are and well-known best practices.

The best way to learn how to improve your own skills and get the best resources – is by following the best experts and the knowledge they share.

This is why we decided to create a list of great Customer Success managers you must follow.

The people on this list are experts on managing customer relationships and following them will ensure you never miss a thing when trying to keep up with a swarm of irrelevant information.

PRO tips: To make sure you don’t miss a meaningful update by them – Follow the Customer Success Twitter list we created here

41 Customer Success Managers to Follow

1. David Light
David Light

Customer Success Manager at Autodesk

As a Customer Success Manager at Autodesk, David works with high profile clients to identify business challenges, strategic implementation and planning of technology solutions, engagement management, account development as well as technology evangelizing and business consulting.

David is also a Building Information Modelling (BIM) enthusiast, running a blog dedicated to Autodesk’s Revit software.

Follow him @davewlight

2. David Apple
David Apple

Director of Customer Success at Typeform

David is responsible for Customer Success in one of the best form creation/lead generation tools that we have seen. Typeform is very intuitive and unique, and the customer success team makes sure the experience is perfect.

Follow him @davidcapple

3. Jamie Edwards

Jamie Edwards

Co-founder of Kayako

Jamie wrote one of the best and most useful posts we have read in the field of Customer Success. Check it out here to find out what metrics can help you evaluate Customer Success, and how to measure them.

He publishes more great content in his Medium account

Follow him at @jmedwards

4. Whitney Hillyer
Whitney Hillyer

Customer Success at Collective[i]

Whitney was also previously VP Customer Success at Bitly, spending 4 years on the Customer success team of the biggest link shortening tool in the market.

Follow her @WhitneyHillyer

5. Wynne Brown
Wynne Brown

Director of Customer Success at GitHub

Wynne currently heads Github’s customer success division, and previously worked in several high-profile startups such as Base CRM, running their Sales divisions.

Follow her @WynneBrown

6. Jaime Stein
Jaime Stein

Customer Success Executive at Hootsuite

Jamie is an experienced advisor to senior leaders, including the C-Suite, on social media engagement strategies and crisis communications. In his current role as a Customer Success Executive at Hootsuite, he builds relationships with some of the world’s most prestigious organizations to help support their social media activities.

Follow him @jaimestein

7. Joshua Hanewinkel

Joshua Hanewinkel

Customer Success at Mixpanel

Joshua currently leads global customer success at Mixpanel, one of the leading analytics for mobile and web.  Prior to his current role, Joshua was Director of Customer Success at Responsys; Director, Client Services at ConnectEDU; Senior Account Manager at EducationDynamics; and Account Manager at GoalQuest, Inc.

Follow him @joshuahanewinkel

8. Jeff Gardner
Jeff Gardner

Director of Customer Support at Intercom

We already mentioned how much we love Intercom in our Product Managers roundup, and we couldn’t do a Customer Success roundup without giving credit to one of the best support teams out there. Just read Jeff’s articles on Intercom’s blog and you’ll see why we love them so much.

Follow Jeff at @erskingardner

9. Todd Sheive
Todd Sheive

Sr. Customer Success Manager at Adobe

In his role at Adobe, Todd is responsible for managing relationships with world-class retail clients. He works with clients to understand their omni-channel marketing goals and provides solutions and strategies to help them achieve success.

Follow him @trsmktg

10. Sarah Hatter
Sarah Hatter

Founder of CoSupport.

Sarah wrote The Customer Support Handbook, one of the best resources for anyone beginning his Customer Success journey. She is also the host of Elevate Summit, a summit dedicated to Customer Support and Customer Success.

Follow her at @sh
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11. Margot da Cunha

Margot da Cunha

Customer Success Manager at Wistia

Margot Previously worked as Content Marketing and Customer Success Specialist at WordStream, where she wrote some amazing blog posts – check them out here. She tweets super useful articles for Customer Success managers on Social Media marketers.

Follow her @chappymargot

12. Greg Meyer

Greg Meyer
VP Customer Success at Brickwork

Apart from his work as a Customer Success manager (Ex. Rival IQ), Greg is also a great writer. He writes on his own blog, and have contributed posts to Forbes, PopSugar, Mashable, WordOfMouth.com, The Community Manager and various company blogs. He also wrote this great post which we strongly recommend.

13. Ellie Wilkinson
Ellie Wilkinson

Sr. Customer Success Team Manager at Moz

As the Sr. Customer Success Team Manager at Moz, a marketing analytics SaaS company, Ellie cultivate client relationships with proactive outreach, personalized training and relevant resources across the customer’s journey.

Follow her at @ebwilkin

14. Mike Ewing
Mike Ewing

Customer Success Strategy & Operations Manager at HubSpot

Mike’s Twitter feed is full of useful resources for Customer Success managers and Social media Marketers. He also writes great posts for E-commerce professionals on his blog, Inboundcommerce.com

Follow him @inboundcommerce

15. Jeanne Bliss
Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne coined the Chief Customer Officer role in her book “Chief Customer Officer: Getting Past Lip Service to Passionate Action”. The book was the first of its kind to address the role of the customer leadership executive. She is also the co-founder of the Customer Experience Professionals Association.

Anyone who is interested in customer-centric approaches to building a company should definitely follow Jeanne’s work.

Follow her at @JeanneBliss

16. Perry Monaco
Perry Monaco

Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn

Perry manages a team of 13 Customer Success Managers who manage retention, customer experience, and account growth through customer success planning. Perry is also a speaker, giving lectures on Customer Success and SMM. View his slides here.

Follow him @elvisrun

17. Tia Fomenoff
Tia Fomenoff

Customer Success & Social Media Specialist

Tia previously worked as a Customer Success Manager in Buffer and Unbounce.

We love her tweets, and some of them contain amazing articles that any manager should read.

Follow her @tiafomenoff

18. Angela Chisholm
Angela Chisholm

Customer Success at Invision

Angela works for another one of our favourite apps, Invision. As a Customer Success Manager in The world’s leading prototyping, collaboration & workflow platform, there’s a lot riding on the performance of the Customer Success team.

Follow her @angelachisholm

19. Alex McClafferty
Alex McClafferty

Customer Success Expert at Glide Consulting and co-founder of WPCurve

Alex is a partner at Glide Consulting, a Customer Success consulting agency. They recently wrote what could be the best resource ever written on Customer Success.

Follow him at @alexmcclafferty

20. Idan Hershko
Idan Hershko

VP Customer Success at daPulse

Podcaster @StartupCamel & VP Customer Success @dapulselabs. Itay tweets about startups, #entrepreneurship & Israeli innovation.

Follow him @idanhershko

21. Dana Niv
Dana Niv

Customer Success Manager at Oktopost

Dana tweets about Customer-centric topics and writes Marketing and Customer Success articles for Oktopost’s blog. Dana also personally helped us with our own adjustment process and made working with Oktopost an amazing experience for us.

Follow her @dananiv

22. Lincoln Murphy
Lincoln Murphy

Founder of Sixteen Ventures

Since 2006, Lincoln directly helped 400+ SaaS companies accelerate their growth by optimizing the Customer Lifecycle, from customer acquisition to retention to account expansion and advocacy. He also co-authored a book on Customer Success. Lincoln tweets about Growth and Customer Success regularly.

Follow him at @lincolnmurphy

23. Omer Gotlieb
Omer Gotlieb

Co-Founder, Chief Customer Officer at Totango

As co-founder of a Customer Engagement platform and the Chief Customer Officer at Totango, Omer certainly is one of the most knowledgeable people in the CS field. He also runs a website that exclusively showcases Customer Success job offers.

Follow him at @omergotlieb

24. Carolyn Kopprasch
Carolyn Kopprasch

Chief Happiness Officer at Buffer

Carolyn leads the Customer Success team at Buffer and writes her thoughts and experiences in her own blog.

Follow her at @CaroKopp

25. Todd Eby
Todd Eby

Todd is behind SuccessHacker.co – a Customer Success consulting, recruiting and training company, and writes about Customer Success in his Medium account. Todd’s twitter account is one of the most relevant and useful we’ve seen in awhile.

Follow him at @toddceby

26. Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré

Founder of Authentic Curation

Nichole is a SaaS & Customer Success Consultant. She is also a moderator at Product Hunt and Growthhackers, and previously was in charge of Community Growth at Inbound.org. Check out her blog for some valuable content on Growth and Customer Success.

Follow her @NikkiElizDemere

27. Jeremy Roberts
Jeremy Roberts

Growth and Customer Success at Hiringsolved

Jeremy is in charge of Customer Success at HiringSolved, a service that makes it faster and easier to find the right person for any job. As such, he writes about Customer success and recruiting, and shares his valuable insights with his following.

Follow him at @imJeremyR

28. Matt Huff
Matt Huff

VP Customer Success at Invitemanager

In his role at Invitemanager, Matt helps companies automate client invitations & entertainment. Matt has a vast experience in Sales and CS, and he shares his experience with his following regularly.

Follow him at @matt_huff

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29. Andrew Roth
Andrew Roth

Head of Customer Success at RocketBolt

Andy shares great content that any startup enthusiast will find useful. His twitter feed is literally a goldmine for quality content. Have a look, you won’t be disappointed.

Follow him at @RothAndrewM

30. Harry Knibbs
Harry Knibbs

Customer Success Manager at Mulesoft

Harry is in charge of Customer Success at Mulesoft, the world’s most widely used connectivity platform. He previously worked as Customer Success Manager at Huddle.

Follow him at @harry_knibbs

31. Tomasz Tunguz
Tomasz Tunguz

Venture capitalist at Redpoint Ventures.

Author of Winning with Data, Tom is also a Customer Success enthusiast. He wrote this great piece, where he claims Customer Success is key to every SaaS startup’s growth.

Follow him at @ttunguz

32. Ali Rayl
Ali Rayl

Director of Customer Experience at Slack

Leading the support team at one of the fastest growing startups has to be an overwhelming task, and Ali seems to be handling it quite well with almost 4 years running the support team at Slack. Read her great case study on scaling support teams at Slack.

Follow her at @alirayl

33. Ben McCormack
Ben McCormack

Head of support at Trello

Ben is leading the support team at Trello, our own favourite project  management platform. Listen to him explain Trello’s user interviews to learn more about why their product is so successful.

Follow him at @bmccormack

34. Lou Sturm
Lou Sturm

Manager of Customer Engagement at Unbounce

Previously Manager of Customer Success and currently Manager of Customer engagement at Unbounce, Lou has a vast experience in helping customers succeed in the Customer’s Journey. Read more about her role at Unbounce here

Follow her at @loutangclan

35. Diana Potter
Diana Potter

Diana was previously Senior Director of Customer Success at Customer.io. She is an expert in Customer success, as well as email marketing, project management, web development and the list goes on.

Follow her at @drpotter

36. Petr Pinkas
Petr Pinkas

Customer Success at Feedly

Petr works at one of our favorite content curation platforms – Feedly. His twitter feed is full of amazing articles, and assuming you love Feedly the way we do, learning where they get their ideas is something you should be pretty thrilled about.

Follow him at @PetrPinkas

37. Frederic Kerrest
Frederic Kerrest

COO & Co-Founder at Okta

In Okta’s manifest, the first line reads “For us, customer success is life”. With such mindset, Fredric clearly has something to teach every CS manager out there. Fredric wrote an amazing post on Mashable where he explains why customer success needs to be the engine behind the growth of every startup. Read it here

Follow him at @fkerrest

38. Daniel Mooney
Daniel Mooney

Head of Support at Redgate

Daniel writes a great Medium blog about Customer Support and customer success, along with interesting articles that every startup head should read.

Follow him at @Danielpeam

39. Katie Rogers
Katie Rogers

Vice President Customer Success at SalesLoft

Katie is the go-to person for customer-related needs in SalesLoft, a sales development platform. Listen to her interview on Customer Success Radio where she explains how she took the Customer Experience of SalesLoft to the next level.
Follow her at @KatieKortnie

40. Julie Tabak
Julie Tabak

Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn

LinkedIn has several Customer Success managers, each responsible for different types of clients.
In her position at LinkedIn, Julie currently works with around 400 small businesses to ensure their success with the LinkedIn recruitment products.

Follow her here

41. Kate Leggett
Kate Leggett

VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Kate is a leading expert on customer relationship management (CRM) and customer service strategies, maturity, benchmarking, governance, and ROI. Watch her webinar on The Economic Value of Customer Success.

Follow her at @kateleggett


Learning from other experts is the best way to improve your skills. Each of these Customer Successes Manager has their own unique style and approach – so pick the one you can relate to the most in the list and start following them.

(A great first step will be to tweet them.. just saying).

P.S If you’re looking to expand your knowledge even further about building a great product  check out the list of 31 Product Managers that you should follow.


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