37 User Onboarding Resources That Will Boost User Loyalty

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37 user onboarding resources

Though still under-hyped, User Onboarding has the biggest impact on your customer’s Lifetime Value (LTV) and churn rate.

I’ll keep it short and simple – if your onboarding process sucks, your new users will churn faster than you can say “I’ve read ‘Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries and it changed my life”. The biggest challenge of any product is convincing users they should stick around and give you a chance.

Odds are against you as it is. If your onboarding process isn’t good – you’re setting your product growth up to fail – from the start!

In Invision’s short guide on Onboarding, they quote Samuel Hulick’s (of UserOnboard.com), definition of User Onboarding:

“User onboarding is the process of increasing the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting your product.”

There are so many elements to the Onboarding process. So many little details to tweak, pitfalls to avoid and opportunities to turn random users into loyal customers. You just have to know how. If you’re not sure how well your users are handling your onboarding process – don’t forget to take a look at your user session recordings) for a closer look into how customers interact with your product.

We wanted to help you get the best practices and most useful tips – ones that will help you plan (or re-evaluate) your onboarding process. To do so, we’ve gathered the best User Onboarding resources for SaaS products – 37 of them.

Quick note – This resource list is focused on Onboarding tips for SaaS products, not including mobile apps.

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37 User Onboarding Resources

Guides & Strategies

This is a collection of articles that will help you better understand the Onboarding process and Framework. These guides will take you from 0-100%

1. 5 Key Lessons for Successful User Onboarding – Invision

2. Is your onboarding experience turning away good users? – UserOnboard.com

3. Strategies for onboarding new users – Intercom

4. User Onboarding: A Comprehensive Guide – UsabilityGeek

5. The User Onboarding Academy – Appcues

6. The Secret to Successful Customer Onboarding – Sixteen Ventures

  1. Intro to User Onboarding – if you don’t want to get deep into the basics, here’s a quick Summary of what onboarding is, thanks to guys from Tooltip.io

Best Practices

Every product is different, and every target audience needs their own tailor made onboarding process.

That being said, his set of articles will give you a speed-course on the best practices to use in your Onboarding process to convert and retain more users.

8. User Onboarding Best Practices – Appcues

9. 8 Mission-Critical User Onboarding Lessons from 8 Top Product People – Appcues

10. 6 user onboarding best practices for web apps – OnboardX

11. The 5 Commandments of New User Onboarding – Alex Mitchell

12. Lessons learned from 50 user onboarding flows – Pilot

13. 6 Best Practices to Streamline User Onboarding Hubspot

14. What websites have the best new user onboarding flows? – Quora

15. 6 Growth Experiments Sujan Patel Ran to Improve User Onboarding – Appcues

16. The 6 Step Plan For Seamless User Onboarding – MarkitWrite

The Elements of User Onboarding

The Elements of User Onboarding – by UserOnboard. Get the book here: https://www.useronboard.com/training/

Mistakes to avoid

Getting your onboarding process right is hard. Making mistakes it way too easy.

Check out these articles to learn what you should avoid.

17. 7 onboarding mistakes to avoid – Bayram Annakov

18. 7 Onboarding Myths Debunked – Onboardly

19. Are You Making These 5 Common User Onboarding Mistakes? – Helpscout

20. 5 Biggest Mistakes In User Onboarding – NetGuru

21. What are the biggest mistakes in user onboarding? – Quora (Not an article, but the answers are priceless to learn from).

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Examples, Case studies & Inspiration

Learning from other people’s experience and getting inspiration from related products is always a good idea.

Go over these articles to see how other companies are onboarding their users (including breakdowns, screenshots and critique).

22. Beyond onboarding: ramping up your users from novice to expert – Harry Brignull

23. Onboarding teardowns – UserOnboard

24. 6 User Onboarding Flow Examples (With Critiques) – ConversionXL

25. 10 Great Examples of Customer Onboarding That You Can Learn From – GrooveHQ

26. Social Sign in, with an option for email – Conrad Wadowski


Onboarding Emails

While not on-product, your onboarding email process is super-important to maintain momentum and increase retention for your newly acquired users. Here are some articles that will help you create better emails to engage your onboarded users.

28. Onboarding Emails – Vero

29. 7 Killer Examples of Onboarding Emails – Beatout

30. How to send SaaS onboarding emails without being a nag – Customer.io

31. Really Good Emails

32. 6 smart steps To Start with automatic client onboarding emails – Automizy

33. The Anatomy of a Perfect Email Onboarding Flow [Infographic] – Sparkpage



Onboarding Infographic

The Anatomy of a Perfect Email Onboarding Flow [Infographic] – Sparkpage

This set of articles will give you a speed-course on the best onboarding tactics to use: Click To Tweet

Advanced Tips:

You are now ready for the big league! These articles will help you user more advanced technique to optimize your onboarding process and optimize your results.

Pro tip: Make sure you master the basics before diving into these practices.

34. 4 ways to customize your SaaS onboarding – Clearbit

35. How to Test Your Onboarding Process Based on Your ad – Jaco

36. Personalizing User Onboarding: The Antidote to Rising User Acquisition Costs – Branch.io

37. An Hour long webinar with the User Onboarding master Samuel Hulick:

In conclusion:

Optimizing your user onboarding never really ends, but reading, experimenting and learning from others will definitely help you optimize your process faster and retain more users.

Tell us, who’s in-charge of the onboarding process in your team, your product or customer success manager? Let us know in the comments.

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