30 Resources Every Customer Success Manager Should Read

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As Customer Success is playing a bigger part in companies’ growth, more and more content is being written about it.

It’s not easy to stay on top of the best posts and resources out there so we’ve created an awesome list of remarkable articles that every CSM should read to stay updated.

Learn to convert simple customer success data into insights that provide value for your business.

Read about different, more “forward-looking” approaches to structure your team.

Gather the best hacks that are being used by the most influential leaders in the industry.

This golden list will motivate you and help you grow your business, engage with your customers and get accurate insights from your Customer Success efforts.

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1. How to Shape SaaS Customer Retention Strategies That Beat Churn | Process Street

Benjamin Brandall

In the 5th part (linked to an introduction of Customer Success) of his ongoing series on Customer Success for SaaS companies, Benjamin points out on solid ways to beat churn.

2. Customer Success: The Best Kept Secret of Hyper-Growth Startups | Forbes

Alex McClafferty

In this post, Alex, Customer Success Expert at Glide Consulting, interviewed SaaS expert and Gainsight Customer Success Evangelist, Lincoln Murphy, covering customer success in depth and showcasing three leading hyper-growth startups so you can apply these Customer Success principles to your business.

3. The Blind Men, the Elephant, and Einstein – A Data-First Approach to Customer Success | Strikedeck

Shreesha Ramdas

Customer data is fragmented across multiple systems as the customer moves through various phases of the Customer Lifecycle. In this article, you can understand how the Data Engine will ensure long-term success by pointing out valuable customer insights from this data and focusing on what counts.

From Strikedeck

From Strikedeck

4. What Customer Success Managers Can Learn From a Barber Shop | Trakio

Liam Gooding

Liam compares the reasons he became a loyal happy customer at his barber shop to the challenges faced by SaaS companies, startups or enterprises. Turns out, his monthly hair cut turned into a great approach to customer success management.

5. Success Vector – The KPI For Customer Success – Driven Growth | Sixteen Ventures

Lincoln Murphy

Mr. Murphy gives us an introduction to Success Vector as a “more forward-looking” metric to measure growth and to drive revenue and company valuation. Customer Health Score is no longer the primary KPI and here you will learn why.

6. The A-List: Customer Success | Amity

Matthew McLaren

Follow the most influential leaders to stay updated in the world of Customer Success.

7. Six Ways To Avoid Social Media Customer Service Failure | Forbes

Shep Hyken

58% of the customers reaching out to the brands they do business with don’t get a response. Being visible and being there for your customers at all times is a key factor to make them happy. Here you can read about 6 ideas to deliver great service through social media.

8. Wistias Holistic Approach to Customer Success | Churn Buster

Jeff Vincent

Jeff, Director of Product Management at Wistia, talks about how Wistia approaches customer success and structures its entire team around providing an incredible customer experience – from hiring to product management, Jeff covers it all in this podcast.

9. Top 10 Customer Success Hacks Part I | The Enlightened Customer

Chad Horenfeldt

In this first part, Chad includes five customer success hacks and shares with us why it is worth to put in this extra effort – some of the tactics he has learned from his 20 years experience in serving customers.

10. 4 Engagement Models for Customer Success | Client Success

Burke Alder

Thoughtful strategies to help your company manage the customer’s journey post sales. A better understanding of what the ideal engagement model looks like for your business – taking into account the complexity of your customers, the revenue associated and other factors.

A better understanding of what the ideal engagement model looks like for your business – taking into account the complexity of your customers, the revenue associated and other factors.

11. To Be Top Quartile SaaS Grower, You Need To Focus On Gross Churn | Techcrunch

Ajay Agarwal

Within the multiple metrics for customer success – including gross churn, net churn, logo churn, renewal rates, NPS score, etc.- gross churn is the most impactful. Here’s how this conclusion came up and why it matters.

12. 16 Ways To Master Customer Success From Industry Leaders | Chargify

Kate Harvey

Learn from the top leaders in the industry. In this post, you can read about how each one of them and how they master the art of customer success.

FRom Chargify Blog

From Chargify blog

13. 10 Tips For Budgeting For Customer Success In 2016 | Gainsight

Allison Pickens

Follow this list of on-the-dot tips to help you grow your team and handle your incoming sales pipeline for aspiring CSM.

14. SaaS Metrics: The no BS-Guide to Understanding Churn | Close.io

Steli Efti

Churn is one of the most meaningful, yet common problems that startups face. This is an amazing guide to help you run your SaaS business by accurately measuring in depth churn rate with a detailed understanding of these percentages.

This is an amazing guide to help you run your SaaS business by accurately measuring in depth churn rate with a detailed understanding of these percentages.

15. How to Choose The Right Metrics For Your Support Funnel | Aircall

Sarah Chambers

Learn to guide your customers from these comprehensive insights on how to scale personalized support through high-value interactions with your customers – without wasting any additional resources.

16. SaaS Customer Success Metrics – What to Measure to Drive Growth | Jaco

Danni Friedland

As the Customer Success industry matured, the focus shifted from user acquisition to user retention.

“Getting people to use your product is just the first date!”.

Read this blog post if you wanna know the right metrics to building a long lasting relationship with your customers.

17. Practical Example: A Push System For Customer Success | Natero

Ari Klein

Ari Klein shares with us the “internal push system” used at Docsend displaying proactive customer touchpoints that might help you renew and expand strategic accounts.

18. Five Customer Retention Analytics and How They Help | Service Source

James Huddleston

This article will help you understand the different types of big data analytics techniques to deliver value.

This way you can work effectively with your IT analytics team and turn your data into actionable, valuable business insights.

19. The Secret to Successful Customer Onboarding | Sixteen Ventures

Lincoln Murphy

Another awesome article by Lincoln Murphy where he explains the importance of customer onboarding and clarifies the distinction between what success is for the customer – different than it means is for the company.

20. Top Customer Success Factors to Empower Your Business & Your Users | Aircall

Lola Barbier

Benefit both your company and your customers by empowering your users in every step of the way.

It points out the challenges for SaaS companies to achieve their customer success goals and how to overcome them.

21. Why Every SaaS Employee is a Part of Customer Success | Kissmetrics

Shayla Price

Learn how to add more value to your customers by working with your entire team and being customer-focused through the entire journey.

22. 75+ Actionable Insights & Resources to Customer Success for SaaS Startups | Nudgespot

Tara Thomas

An extensive, all-inclusive guide that includes every step of the Customer Success Lifecycle for SaaS startups with links to the best strategies by CEOs, tips, case studies and the free/paid tools that you will need along the way.

23. How The Wrong Kind of Customer Health Scoring Can Hurt You | Venture Beat

Ryan Thomas

Learn and understand what the payback is from the Customer Health Score and if it truly correlates to customer retention and renewal rates to ensure that you’re delivering continuous value to your customers and growing your company.

24. What Does a Customer Success Manager Actually Do | Jaco

Danni Friedland

Besides learning from the career paths of three skilled CSMs, this article provides a thorough, straight to the point clarification of what this emerging role entitles.

A glance of the areas of responsibility and mindset a CSM should dominate.


25. 6 SaaS Metrics That Help You Predict Growth and Customer Success | Bizible

Sujan Patel

This six metrics will deliver long-term solutions for your SaaS company by winning customers and making them stay with you.

A great way to learn about your customers and their habits.

26. 3 New Aha’s in Customer Success | Axosoft

Trista Sobeck

Axosoft’s Customer Success team found some new inspiration, cutting-edge ideas and a couple of surprising insights from the San Francisco Customer Success Summit and want to share it with us.

27. 3 Mind Blowing Statistics About Customer Success | LearnCore

Ryan Leavitt

These three surprising statistics (considering customer churn, the potential to upsell, and the opportunity to get a step ahead of competitors) may serve as a motivation for your Customer Success efforts.

They might also help you understand why you should be investing in a customer success program for your organization.

28. 10 Ways for Software Companies to Keep Customers Around | Entrepreneur

Ron Yekutiel

Ron explains to us the major reasons why customers leave and gives us 10 tips that can help your SaaS company reduce churn and keep customers coming back.

29. 3 Unique Methods For Connecting With Customers | LiveChat

Matt Banner

Matt points out the difference between reaching out to a customer and actually connecting with them.

He shares with us three strategies that will help build long-lasting bonds of trust and loyalty with your customers

30.Tools To Support Your Growing Customer Base | Amity

Matthew McLaren

A list of numerous tools available for Customer Success Platforms to optimize efficiency and support your growing customer base.

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Do you have any additional resources that will inspire and help our fellow Customer Success Managers?

Please share them with us in the comments 🙂

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