What does a Customer Success Manager actually do?

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Customer Success Management (CSM) has become a huge trend among many startup and tech companies.

Still, there is a lot of confusion about what the role actually entitles.

In its rock-solid foundations, the CSM’s job is to ensure that customers will achieve success with company’s product.

If done right, helping users succeed over time, will build a loyal user base for your product or service.

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Create The Perfect Customer Success Process With These 5 Practices

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Building trust between the brand and the user can be challenging.

Things aren’t always smooth when starting something new but as Dave Duke, VP of Customer Success at Sigstr, points out , there is a lot of power in customer success during the early stages of your startup.

“I think what’s exciting about starting a company from scratch is there’s an opportunity to make customer success really foundational to the culture and business strategy as a whole.

For example, if you want to earn the right to grow a customer relationship, you have to cater to that wave of first customers in a pretty special way.

Need to realize the importance of treating them well and creating a good experience. Those early learnings will be the difference between success and not being successful, due to the nature of startups in general.”

How can your passion for helping customers be mirrored in the way they interact with your product?

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How to Get Your Clueless Manager On-Board With Your UX Process

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How to get your clueless manager on-board with your UX process

We know that you know the value of User Experience (UX). Your users definitely understand the benefits of great UX.

But what can you do if your company’s Product Manager doesn’t get it? Or even worse, if your CEO doesn’t get it?

Too often, we find great User Experience designers feeling frustrated with their positions.

Either because they are not getting the freedom to do what they do best or maybe because the PM or CEO (with no UX experience) think they know best and are calling out on the UX decisions.

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SaaS Customer Success Metrics – What to Measure to Drive Growth

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Customer retention is the most valuable metric for SaaS companies to follow.

If your churn rate is high and users aren’t coming back to your platform, your product will not grow – not in Daily Active Users nor in revenue.

A few years back, all the buzz was about user acquisition, but as the industry matured, the focus shifted into user retention.

This is why the role as a Success Manager has acquired notable momentum in the past few years.

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Customer Success Talk With Petr Pinkas (Feedly)

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In our 3rd “3 Quick Ones” article we present an interview with Petr Pinkas, Customer Success Manager at our favorite content curation platforms – Feedly.

Feedly is a platform for organizing, reading and sharing the content of your favorite sites. It allows you to organize and access your favorite blogs, news sites, podcasts and Youtube channels, all in one place.

Petr’s experience and dynamism throughout his professional career have helped Feedly become such a great, customer-focused platform and it shows in every aspect.  As a Customer Success Manager, his rigorous attention to detail and devotion has set the needs and opinions of customers as a top priority.

We learned various effective tools and tips from him as well as what success means for a CSM and we are delighted to share it with you.

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How to Test Your Onboarding Process Based on Your ad

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Test your onboarding process based on your ad

Onboarding new users is probably one of the most important, yet underrated processes taken into consideration when building a new product.

If done correctly, it can increase your retention rates dramatically. If done poorly, your potential clients will leave and never come back.

Yes, onboarding users is harder than you think and there are many pitfalls you’ll need to avoid.

Many product managers and success managers think that the onboarding process starts with the product’s homepage or log-in screen. The process actually starts with first contact – it can be a blog post or a Facebook ad.

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Customer Success Platforms and Tools

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As a customer success manager, your main role is to make sure every interaction a user has with your product is positive and delightful.

Each one of your users should feel unique as if he/she was the only user on your platform. Eventually, your work is the key to the relationship a user will build with your product.

The three main challenges most CSM face are:

  1. Improve your understanding of your user
  2. Manage your relationships at scale
  3. Communicating with your users

All 3 problems can be solved with the help of using the right tools.

We’ve collected 18 tools dedicated to helping Customer Success Managers simplify their workflow and delight their users.
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How Unpakt Improved their UX Using User Recording (Case Study)

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Unpakt is online moving marketplace that lets you plan, compare, book and manage your move.

Unpakt allows customers to save money while relaxing in the assurance that every aspect of their moving experience is attended to.

With over 250,000 satisfied users while working with over 600 moving companies across 300 different cities, Unpakt strives to learn more about how users use their platform and how they can improve the user experience.

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