Customer Success Talk With Catherine Wells (Thinkific)

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Catherine Wells feature

In our 5th “quick ones” article, we’re honored to interview Catherine Wells, the customer success manager at

Thinkific is a platform that helps people build, market and sell their online courses – without any pre-course building experience needed.

With customers ranging from individuals creating an online business as an extra gig, to full-time instructor and organizations – Thinkific needs to provide a positive and frictionless experience to all different levels of technical experience and different needs.

As a product that guarantees effortless course building that suits all, customer success is an essential necessity and core promise.

How does Catherine handle this challenge daily? Read her interview below to get the nitty gritty of being a customer success manager. Read More

Customer Success Talk With Helen Shaw (Unbounce)

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Helen Shaw Unbounce

In our 4th “quick round” article, we’re honored to interview Helen Shaw, a customer success manager at Unbounce.

Unbounce is the leading platform for building landing pages. Thanks to its easy to use interface and pre-made templates, even non-technical marketers can create high converting landing pages in no time.

If you’ve ever used Unbounce, you’ve experienced how well-thought out and how much they care about their relationship with their users.

Want to learn how Unbounce utilize customer success techniques through their entire user’s life cycle? Read Helen’s answers below to see how deep the process goes.

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Refactoring JSON to FlatBuffers

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Refactoring JSON to FlatBuffers

Data serialization is a very common process in web applications. So common that no one gives it a second thought. You just pull data from the DB, and your server and client frameworks just handle this thing for you. The server serializes the data into JSON, and the client parses it to JS object. This flow is simple and natural but, as everything, when taken to the extreme start to show scaling issues.

What is an ‘extreme’ for data serialization? A lot of data. Serializing and deseriazling tens of thousands of objects takes it toll from the server, and more importantly, from the single-threaded browser page.

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Uncover User Insights with This Step by Step Guide to Installing Jaco

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Adding a new tool to your toolkit is always fun, but it’s also a cluttered process that gets pushed back because other, more urgent tasks pop up.

We’ve put a lot of effort into simplifying Jaco’s installation process and making it as quick and intuitive as possible.

To make our installation process as smooth as possible, I created a new video showing how to install Jaco in under 2 minutes!

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Does Your Onboarding Suck? Here’s How To Make It Amazing

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A customer just signed up for your product and is giving you the chance to give him a good first impression. In that moment, you have to make sure you set their expectations high and communicate with them how your product can meet their goals.

Not only does the first impression need to be a smooth experience, it should also be engaging. If they signed up, tried out your product, and never came back, you lost them forever.

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8 Ways to Reduce Churn in Your SaaS Product

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8 Ways to Reduce Churn in Your SaaS Product

To run a profitable, successful company, you need to keep customer retention high and your churn rate low.

While it sounds simple, this is the result of:
1. Tracking the right metrics
2. Optimizing the user experience
3. Analyzing the customer lifecycle
4. Informing users about new features
5. Sending timely reminders to reassure they are using your product to its full potential
6. And so much more

To reduce churn, you have to know your product, the user’s behavior, and the users’ needs.

Maintaining their loyalty is an ongoing effort.

However, if you are providing a top performance service by understanding what they need – not only will they stick around for a long time but you will also get referrals.

Here are  8 tactics that leading companies use to remind their users that their product/service is the best.

Feel free to copy all 8.

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37 User Onboarding Resources That Will Boost User Loyalty

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37 user onboarding resources

Though still under-hyped, User Onboarding has the biggest impact on your customer’s Lifetime Value (LTV) and churn rate.

I’ll keep it short and simple – if your onboarding process sucks, your new users will churn faster than you can say “I’ve read ‘Lean Startup’ by Eric Ries and it changed my life”. The biggest challenge of any product is convincing users they should stick around and give you a chance.

Odds are against you as it is. If your onboarding process isn’t good – you’re setting your product growth up to fail – from the start!

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