Applying Agile Analytics to Open Thinking

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  Open thinking can be vastly improved by applying the agile analytics architecture.   Open thinking is one of the most commonly used building blocks when companies begin to build platforms nowadays. Companies like Amazon rely on open thinking to distribute information across their operations, marketing, finance, and technical teams. It is built for rapid expansion and scalability, allowing its proponents to constantly be in a growth state without any need to slow down.   However, like the prior building blocks, agile analytics will be vastly improved by applying the … Read More

Applying Agile Analytics to Platform Thinking

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Platform thinking can be vastly improved by applying the agile analytics architecture.   In our last post, we discussed applying agile analytics to the different building blocks of digital transformation. By applying the architecture of agile analytics, we were able to vastly improve the first building block of digital transformation: design thinking.   In this post, we will make the next building block of digital transformation significantly more efficient: platform thinking. What is platform thinking?   Platform thinking is the brainchild of Sangeet Paul Choudary as initially expressed in a … Read More

Creating Digital Flow for Agile Analytics

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  In order for agile analytics to work properly, the correct digital flow must exist.   Executives put large sums of money into marketing their technology. In fact, companies spend an average of $7.4 million on data-related initiatives in 2015. However, most of this investment created more digital data silos. We have Google Analytics for web traffic, Omniture for segmentation, Salesforce as a CRM, and countless other programs — all producing data. The issue is that none of them communicate with each other.   Establishing a digital flow that will … Read More

The New and Evolved Data Structures

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Jaco New and Evolved Data Structures

  In our last post, we discussed the building blocks of data, where it comes from, and the basic terminology needed to understand how data will evolve over the coming years. One challenge moving is forward is re-imagining data as a tool across an organization. Let’s start with how many companies currently use their base data tools for a marketing campaign.   The largest CRM platform in the world is Salesforce. It is one many of us are familiar with and many organizations use but the below applies to any … Read More